My “Perfect” Power Washing Tips for Noobs

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If you want to power wash anything, it’s because you want your residential or commercial property looking spiffy. We get it, over the years the quality of the exterior begins to decline because of oil stains, dirt, grime, mold, and other various compounds want to get back into the work of human hands – it’s nature.

But it’s also our nature to come right back in and get things clean and in order. So, if you’re considering someone to do your power washing you need to understand a few things about how to get started beautifying your home.

Now, I will ask you this: Are you going to do the work by yourself, or hire a contractor?

If you do the work yourself, you can rent out a good gas powered power washer at your local

Lowe’s department, or other home goods retailer. If you hire a contractor, the only thing you are paying for is the work the contractor will do.I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty lazy. That and I have other work to do, and other things I need to focus my mind upon. It’s completely okay if you want to do the work yourself, but I’d rather just pay someone else to do it and then get my time back in that aspect.

I digressed a little though.

Anyways, by hiring a contractor you need not read further until you get to my next post “How to Hire the Perfect Contractor”. I’ll list out in detail what you need to know and ask in order to get the best jobs completed for your needs.

Now, if you’re going to be doing the power washing for yourself what I will say is that it’s best to get the right kind of protective gear, and a good gas powered power washer. I mention a gas powered machine because it has the highest pressure for the water at around 3,100 psi.

The 3,000 psi is more than enough to remove tough stains and keep your driveway, walks, walls and everything else squeaky clean. The uber awesome part about this is that you can also modify the angle that the pressure washer uses so you can have a refined high power throttle or a relaxed wide angle shower.

Here’s a cool power washing basics video:




The machine is designed to remove tough stuff from concrete, so please be aware that you should probably (no just do this next step) aim the power washer at least three feet away from your target. For the love of everything that you do be sure to point the power washer AWAY from your body at all times. The strength of the machine is so strong that I can rip and tear your skin off if you’re not careful with It. I had a buddy of mine had this happen to his daughter and, needless to say, the bone was what was nearly left from that machines.

Be wise of your use of these machines and use them for their intended purposes, m’kay?

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