Tips on finding quality carpet cleaner in Humble, Texas

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Are you looking for quality carpet cleaners Humble, Texas? Carpets play a significant role in offering healthy indoor environment. Carpets absorb pollutants such as pollen, dust mites, allergens, and dust. The pollutants may be found in parts of carpets where there’s heavy footfall. The carpet filters can’t hold them for a long period, and they’ll get spread in breathing zone to pollute the environment. The best means of eliminating all kinds of impurities is emptying the carpet fibers. This approach is going to prevent, in the best possible manner, atmospheric pollution. The best result oriented and most advanced cleaning methods are normally associated with these professional companies. The following are important tips in choosing the best quality carpet cleaners in Humble, Texas.

Quality Training

You are going to be surprised at how several people think they can just grab some cheap commercial carpet cleaning machine and establish a business. There are people that do this without undergoing any formal training on, for example, what solutions to use, and how to do particular cleaning tasks on curtains, upholstery and carpets.

You can imagine the damage they can do to your carpet when they employ abrasive chemicals.

To avoid this, you should look for a company whose employees are well trained and licensed to carry out carpet cleaning duties. They should be able to have passed stringent training programs. Also, you should find out how they keep updated with latest developments in carpet cleaning industry. Check if they attend regular extra training courses.

Right Equipment and Solutions They Use

Make sure the right materials, right tools, and right method are utilized for your particular cleaning requirement. You do not want your carpets shrinking, and certainly you do not want them to be getting dirty a lot quicker as compared to before. This is what may occur when wrong materials are employed. Remember: water and shampoo don’t deliver suitable results and, in fact, for some carpets, it may cause irreparable damage! The company, therefore, should be using the right materials for carpet cleaning to deliver quality results.

Different Cleaning Methods

Depending on your individual circumstances or the degree of soiling, you should be provided a cleaning system that is appropriate to your situation. When asking about their methods of cleaning, you should also ask the cleaning company how good is their cleaning system at removing stains and spots. If they’re reliable company, they will honestly inform you that some stains may not come out because they have unique properties that create a permanant stain.

If they mention that they provide a free one-week post-cleaning stain removal service that occurs during one week after the work was carried out, it’s a good sign. It’s also a good sign when you are provided with specialized spot cleaner to assist you in handling any emergency spills.

Customer Satisfaction

A quality carpet cleaning service should have genuine customer testimonials. These are people you call and talk to about their services when you need to. If the company does not need you to talk to their past clients or cannot show you genuine client testimonials, this is a red flag about the quality of their service. You should be wary since they might be trying to hide from you something. For a prime example of customer satisfaction check out this office in Humble, TX.


What happens when the cleaning work is not as satisfactory as you expected? With quality and reliable company, you should be able to say so, and receive free re-clean without being embarrassed about it. Can they also offer you a refund when still you are not satisfied with their work? And do they courteously treat you? These are some important questions to ask when looking for an honest and quality carpet cleaning company.

Ethical Practice

Some unethical companies use “bait &switch” method to attract clients. They provide some ridiculously low cost to book the job but come and “suddenly” discover your specific situation requires more expensive materials or extra work. To find out if they employ this method, ask their previous clients. Otherwise, you may end up paying a lot more than you ask for.


You should also ensure that the carpet cleaning company has insurance against accidental damage.

Hiring the ‘Perfect’ Power Washing Contractor

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Today I’m going to be sharing with you the steps you need to take to hire the perfect contractor. Please be advised that any desire you may have to create an impulse buying decision should be null and void.

Also be aware that after your job is finished it is finished. I see people so often make the mistake of thinking that the same contractor that finished the job the first time should come back and fix whatever problems may arise after their completed work. Ladies and gentlemen, if the job is finished considered it finished or be willing to pay again for a second job.

Now, I do mention those things because they have happened to me before, and they are extremely frustrating to deal. Furthermore, impulse buying decisions, as I mentioned above, can be the killer in your job because you don’t know who you’re dealing.

Now, if you’re going to hire someone I recommended that you ask these pertinent questions:

1) Will you be doing the work on a site or someone else?
2) If someone else may I speak to them?
3) Do you have testimonials from past clients?
4) If you don’t have testimonials from past clients what sort of guarantee can you offer me?
5) Lastly, what is your plan to do the work and what can I reasonably expect from this job?

If you ask these questions, you’ll know far more about the operations of this business, and the work you can expect to pay. The rest lies all into the details of a certified contract that is either written down or verbally made.

Please remember, nothing is set in stone unless something is signed on the line that is dotted, but all in all you should expect a good and harmonious relationship with the person that you hire.

Now that you have these questions in mind I also want you to think about how to hire the right contractor, or even how to select the right candidates for your job. The number one thing to do is look at the real Google search engines. The reason I use Google is because they have map listings. Finding high quality power washers like VT Mobile Pressure Wash in Houston, Texas becomes as simple as 1, 2, 3.

What’s super important about their map listings is the fact that Right out of the gate you can determine the distance of the business. You can also immediately find out what their ratings are based on a five-star scale and check out client testimonials from their Google + page. Should the contractor you’re considering have more testimonials and reviews, be sure to check him/her out. Like, Andrew Thompson out in Humble, Texas doing power washing services.

Lots of reviews and testimonials are a good sign of many years of experience and very honest reviews mixed in. Why would anyone go through the trouble of asking five questions?

To verify the truthfulness of their results by the look in their eyes. If they’re shifty, you already know what that could mean, if they’re fearless and honest it will show in their character. I want you to take the challenge. If you live out in Sugar Land, Texas and need pressure washing done contact Andrew Thompson and ask him about what he does. Meet him face to face and verify for yourself what a highly ethical person would say.

These are just some things to look out for in your line of the hiring process. In our next series, I’ll cover the mechanics and strategies of some of the best power washing business I’ve ever seen.

My “Perfect” Power Washing Tips for Noobs

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If you want to power wash anything, it’s because you want your residential or commercial property looking spiffy. We get it, over the years the quality of the exterior begins to decline because of oil stains, dirt, grime, mold, and other various compounds want to get back into the work of human hands – it’s nature.

But it’s also our nature to come right back in and get things clean and in order. So, if you’re considering someone to do your power washing you need to understand a few things about how to get started beautifying your home.

Now, I will ask you this: Are you going to do the work by yourself, or hire a contractor?

If you do the work yourself, you can rent out a good gas powered power washer at your local

Lowe’s department, or other home goods retailer. If you hire a contractor, the only thing you are paying for is the work the contractor will do.I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty lazy. That and I have other work to do, and other things I need to focus my mind upon. It’s completely okay if you want to do the work yourself, but I’d rather just pay someone else to do it and then get my time back in that aspect.

I digressed a little though.

Anyways, by hiring a contractor you need not read further until you get to my next post “How to Hire the Perfect Contractor”. I’ll list out in detail what you need to know and ask in order to get the best jobs completed for your needs.

Now, if you’re going to be doing the power washing for yourself what I will say is that it’s best to get the right kind of protective gear, and a good gas powered power washer. I mention a gas powered machine because it has the highest pressure for the water at around 3,100 psi.

The 3,000 psi is more than enough to remove tough stains and keep your driveway, walks, walls and everything else squeaky clean. The uber awesome part about this is that you can also modify the angle that the pressure washer uses so you can have a refined high power throttle or a relaxed wide angle shower.

Here’s a cool power washing basics video:




The machine is designed to remove tough stuff from concrete, so please be aware that you should probably (no just do this next step) aim the power washer at least three feet away from your target. For the love of everything that you do be sure to point the power washer AWAY from your body at all times. The strength of the machine is so strong that I can rip and tear your skin off if you’re not careful with It. I had a buddy of mine had this happen to his daughter and, needless to say, the bone was what was nearly left from that machines.

Be wise of your use of these machines and use them for their intended purposes, m’kay?